Tianjin Davos Forum goes green

Green meeting venues. The Tianjin Meijiang International Convention Exhibition Centre, the venue for 2010 Davos, is designed under low carbon notion, to be able to save energy and water, electric resources used in the center, and to recycle the wastes using saving-energy heating system and green furniture.

Green organizing. The forum promotes paperless office concept which make use of internet rather than paper. Green traffic. 50 pure electric motor coaches will serve the Summer Davos forum. All the commuting routes of the forum are carefully designed to meet environmental protection requirements. The committee also encourages the public to choose public transportation vehicles or walking.

Green events. There will be many featured sessions on low-carbon industry and its future development. The official website will set a green page to exhibit the energy-saving and circular economy achievements in Tianjin.

Green dining. The meals provided for Davos forum is make from green raw food material. Kitchen waste will be sent to authorized enterprises for hazard-free treatment.

Green accommodation. Green accommodation handbooks will be sent to every conference room. Serving staff will not clean the beddings everyday if the guest agrees.


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