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Launching on January 15, 1949,formerly known as Tianjin Xinhua Broadcasting Station,Tianjin People's Broadcasting Station (TPBS) is an independent facility of state-owned provincial radio station founded 61 years ago. Address: No. 143,Wei Jin Road, Heping District, Tianjin.


Basic Construction: TPBS has nine professional frequencies, the International Department, News Center of Binhai New Area, Tianjin Broadcasting Website. It also has subsidiary companies including 12 functional departments, Jiao-Guang Media Ltd., Broadcast Technology Development Corporation, the North FM New Media Ltd. employing over 530 people.


Program Operation: TPBS offers 10 sets of radio programs and 6 sets of cable broadcast programs embracing News, Binhai, Communication, Economy, Life, Art, Music, Cross-talk, Novel and County Union, broadcasting over 260 hours every day, covering north China, parts of east and north-east China with more than 100 million people. Meanwhile, TPBS has close contact with the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Japan to establish good relationship of long-term exchange and cooperation apart from over 20 provincial radio stations throughout China.


Technical level: Having 16 frequencies, TPBS has launched Internet and telephone broadcasts with 14 digital live broadcasting studios, 10 digital language recording studios, 3 multi-functional recording studio, 1 broadcast control center that can transmit and manage over 500 channels of signals and 2 LAN terminals that support over 1,000 units of the network rooms. Editing, producing, broadcasting, transmission, storage and management are becoming system-wide digital, networking and office automation.


Market Performance: Covering News, Binhai, Communication, Economy, Life, Art, Music, Cross-talk, Novel and County Union, TPBS holds 96.3% share throughout Tianjin broadcast market. It credits “social operation and centralized management” to a consistent approach to managing its business, TPBS has been able to grow in advertising revenue of over 343 million RMB in 2009 along with it.



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